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Damp Proofing Contractors London & Entire UK, over 30 Years Experience and 45,000 completed jobs all Guaranteed 30 years With the Lowest Prices. All Surveyors fully qualified.

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Our Damp Proofing Contractors are all qualified and members of the Damp Proofing Association (DPA) who is the leading trade Association for the remedial industry.


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Our Contractors offer a complete and comprehensive service for Damp Proofing, Condensation, Woodworm, Basement Conversions, Wall Ties, Structural Repairs and Wet & Dry Rot Control.

As Nationwide Damp Proofing contractors we are the market leaders and experts, many of our Damp Proofing contractors are established for over twenty years, you can be assured of the highest standards of quality and service from initial enquiry to after-sales care. We come highly recommended as your specialist for resolving Damp problems and associated timber decay at a highly competitive price.

If you require a specialist Damp Proofing report including a quotation on a property you own, manage or intend to purchase, we shall be pleased to assist you. Please browse our website for further information about out treatments and services or simply call a member of the team to discuss your requirements.

We operate throughout the UK with 30 offices and are ideally located to service London and the rest of the Country effectively; this includes Scotland and Northern Ireland.

We carry out full Damp and timber surveys and provide reports on the defects and where necessary a full specification and program for remedial work. We specialise in the sympathetic treatment of historic buildings using techniques devised over the last 20 years. This allows us to provide a long lasting cure to the problems with damp we provide salt and plaster analysis, Carbide meter testing and where necessary laboratory testing of the building fabric itself.

Damp-Proofing.com has a strict code of practice that effectively eliminates any conduct that would cause our customers upset or financial loss, for example we have a nationwide pricing structure and this means you will never be overcharged by one of our branches. We only use our own specialist Damp Proofing technicians who are trained to the highest possible standards and this is reflected in our statistics for guarantee claims which is currently 0.001% of all applications. To put this statistic into context out of 30,000 contracts we have only had 30 guarantee claims all of which were attended to and rectified.

Damp Proofing Guarantees are so important, it’s a fact that 95% of new contractors fall into liquidation within 5 years of trading, and if a problem develops its essential the contractor is still trading to meet their obligations under the terms and conditions of the guarantee they have issued- and you the customer has paid for. The ability for a company to issue third party indemnity guarantees for 30 years is actually a test of competence and confidence that the underwriter has in his approved contractor. There have been recent developments in the Damp Proofing industry resulting in many companies being unable to find an underwriter who will cover their applications for a term greater than 10 years. We would recommend before accepting a contractors quotation you ask them formally exactly what term of guarantee is your underwriter offering, if its 10 years they clearly have little confidence in their own contractor. With respect to our competitors these are companies to question and potentially have a high risk of system failure. If for example you have a basement conversion undertaken for £10,000 and it failed at year 11 you could be looking at another £10,000 or more to fix it and conveniently the contractors indemnity guarantee is out of term unlike our 30 year guarantees.

A 10 year Damp Proofing guarantee term is wholly unacceptable for our clients, we offer a full 30 year term for our entire product range including underground membrane applications ( not cement based) and have been audited and approved to issue this indemnity facility giving our customers total reassurance.

To be transparent our Damp Proofing Solutions, timber treatment, basement conversions, structural repairs and underpinning are all guaranteed 30 years.

We only use environmentally safe techniques our Contractors services are:

  • Damp proofing specialists and structural repairs
  • Condensation and mould control PIV systems
  • Dry and Wet Rot eradication
  • Woodworm infestation control
  • Basement and Cellar Conversions
  • Structural cracks & Wall Ties
  • Technical and Legal Surveys
  • And much more...

All our staff attend regular training courses, covering services and Health and Safety procedures. This is supported by in-house Damp Proofing training, which we believe is vitally important. The training contributes to the quality of our service and workmanship which is the true guarantee in resolving the problem, with the environment and conservation in mind. All our staff are fully employed and trained. We do not use sub-contractors for our very specialist work.

Our goal is to provide value for money and total customer satisfaction on every contract. As members of the DPA we carry out work to a strict Code of Practice (2013) and are independently inspected periodically. All our Damp Proofing guarantees are independently underwritten where required. We cover the UK nationwide.

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