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What is Rising Damp?

Rising Damp can be identified by observing a “tide line” “salt deposits” or additionally finding skirting boards and decorations that are damaged. These are all signs of structural dampness.

How can Damp-Proofing.com help?

We are able to help you if you own or rent a property, including both Houses and Flats, with a comprehensive survey to identify cause and solution to the problem.

Why does Damp Occur?

The simplest explanation is that rising damp is present in the interior render-plaster systems when ground water is able to rise up through the walls by capillary action, this may be a result of a non-existent or a faulty damp proof course. As a consequence the damp is able to rise through the mortar beds, leaving salt deposits in the plaster works.

If this is left unchecked this can result in rot forming, damage to structural timbers and wall plates, and irreversible damage to decorations.

There are many elements that can contribute to damp within properties/buildings:

  Faulty or Blocked guttering.

  Ground level issues including driveways, paths or tarmac.

  Ineffective pointing.

  Extensions or roofs that are faulty.

  Window sills that are cracked.

  Internal Chimney inconsistences with block fireplaces.

A damp treatment will only act as a barrier to preventing further problems affecting the area. All additional sources of damp, condensation that can affect other areas of a building can cause Mould growth and Fugal Decay which can impact on your health.

Who is able to treat damp?

A professional who has many years of expertise, training and experience within the industry is the best option when considering a damp proofing course. These individuals, like our employees at Damp-proofing.co can identify the source. The source can be due to a majority of reasons including defective membranes to moisture ingress.

How does water damage result in damp?

Damp caused through water on many occasions is hidden. This can be within brickwork, plaster and under floorboards. Damp can remain undetected for many years, building up and only identified when the source is reviled.

At Damp-proofing.com we are able to carry out ‘source inspections’ these allow us too carefully identify and treat the building.

Requesting a survey is a simple process, call us free on 0800 622 6573 or complete a service request by  Clicking Here we are open 7 days a week.

For a survey please call the office on:

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